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Team Work Training

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On May 19th to 20th, 2018, our company carried out a closed military training for two days in the militia training ground of the Public Security Bureau.

  Early in the morning, the players had gathered everyone to greet the new day with a vigorous and orderly queue. Under the instructor's instructions, each team had won the praise of the group leaders and the instructors with the neat square, vigorous pace, loud slogans, positive attitude and full spirit, which showed the corporate spirit of "breaking through ourselves and creating brilliance".

  This military training activity not only improved the physical quality of the staff, but also deepened the understanding of new employees' corporate culture. Militarized management could enhance the comprehensive quality, service and management level of the company. And enabled us to understand that we should not only have strict discipline, but also have a strong sense of teamwork. In the future, we will devote ourselves to work with a full mental state, and contribute to the rapid development of our group with practical actions.