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Manual and semi elecctric stacker refers to a variety of wheeled handling vehicles for loading and unloading, stacker, stacker and short distance transportation of pallet goods,whiched is called industrial vehicles. Capacity:400,500,1000,1500,2000kg Lift height:1200,1500,1600,2000,2500,3000 mm Mast: singple,duplex mast Option:fixed fork or adjustable forks

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NINGBO CHOLIFT FORKLIFT CO.LTD. is a famous China Manual Stacker Manufacturers and wholesale Semi Electric Stacker factory. At the same time, it is a professional manufacturer of large-scale production of storage material handling equipment and related industrial vehicles. Our company is located in Ninghai, which has a forest coverage rate of 62.5% and is known as a natural oxygen bar. With a factory area of 65,000 square meters, more than 300 employees, and fixed assets of more than 200 million yuan, we have strong comprehensive strength. "CHOLIFT Forklift" and "CHOLIFT" are the trademarks of the company's products, and we have passed and implemented the ISO9001 quality system standard. "Credit first" is the quality tenet, all products are strictly tested by ISO-related standards, and CE and GS certifications have been carried out by third-party certification companies.

Our Certification

A technical team specializing in the design and manufacture of industrial vehicles supports the development of the enterprise, and we have a number of patents of the Self-developed products. We adhere to the concept of human-centred design, and adopt international advanced technical indicators, and pursue the purpose of leading technology throughout the process.

  • ISO9000


  • ISO14000


  • ISO45001


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Industry knowledge extension of this category
What is Manual Stackers
Manual stackers, also known as manual straddle stackers or manual pallet stackers, are versatile material handling equipment used in warehouses, distribution centers, and other industrial settings. Unlike their semi-electric or fully electric counterparts, manual stackers rely on manual effort for both propulsion and lifting.
These stackers are designed to handle a variety of loads, including pallets, crates, and boxes. They consist of a sturdy frame with forks or adjustable legs for lifting loads, a hydraulic pump mechanism, and wheels for maneuverability. Manual stackers typically feature a handle or lever that the operator uses to pump the hydraulic system, which raises the forks to lift the load.

The Key Features and Benefits of Manual Stackers
1.Cost-Effective Solution: Manual stackers are generally more affordable compared to electric stackers, making them an attractive option for businesses on a budget or those with light to moderate lifting requirements.
2.Versatility: Manual stackers are highly versatile and can handle a range of load sizes and weights. They are commonly used for stacking and retrieving pallets, moving loads within a confined area, and loading and unloading trucks.
3.Maneuverability in Compact Spaces: Manual stackers are designed to operate in narrow aisles and tight spaces where larger equipment may struggle to access. Their compact size and maneuverability enable efficient material handling in constrained environments.
4.Operator Control: With manual stackers, operators have direct control over the lifting and lowering of loads, allowing for precise positioning and placement. This control can be advantageous when working with delicate or fragile items that require careful handling.
5.Minimal Maintenance: Manual stackers have a simple mechanical design, which translates to minimal maintenance requirements. They do not rely on batteries or complex electrical components, reducing the likelihood of breakdowns or malfunctions.

What is Semi-Electric Straddle Stackers
Semi-electric straddle stackers are versatile material handling equipment commonly used in warehouses, distribution centers, and other industrial settings. They combine the convenience and power of electric functionality with the maneuverability of manual operation. These stackers are designed to handle a wide range of loads, including pallets, crates, and boxes.
Semi-electric straddle stackers typically consist of a sturdy frame, forks or adjustable legs for lifting loads, an electric lifting mechanism, and manual propulsion. The electric lifting mechanism, powered by a battery, allows for effortless lifting and lowering of loads with the push of a button or lever. The manual propulsion, often achieved through a handle or tiller, enables operators to maneuver the stacker within the workspace.

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