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Three-point electric forklift

Three-point electric forklift


Standard with solid tyre, side battery

High efficiency High Stability
CAN-Bus technology reduces maintenance and increase overall performance Low battery protection prolongs the usable life of battery
AC drive system provides strong power and stability performance Low center of gravity ensures vehicle operation more stable
Advanced control system reduces failure rate,increasing work efficiency Reliable hydraulic system ensures smooth stacking shelves with goods
High Safety Easy maintenance
Emergency button switch makes more satety and reliability during operation AC Motor reduces replacement of Carbon brush
New design of mast structure provides a wide operation view Multi-LCD digital display provides fast and accurate monitoring vehicle status
Regenerative braking reduces power consumption and extends battery working time

Classic three-fulcrum design, compact body, strong power, high climbing performance, after nearly 10 years of market verification, reliable quality, wide range of application, improve handling efficiency, and can provide customized services for various industries
Drive Electric
Load capacity/rated load Q(kg) 1200  1600 1800
Load centre distance C(mm) 500
Lift height h3(mm) 3000
Free lift h2(mm) 135  135 135
Mast/fork carriage tilt forward/backward a/p(°) 4/5
Lowered mast height h1(mm) 2012 2025
Overhead load guard(cab) height h5(mm) 1966 2010
Ground clearance,centre of wheelbase m1(mm) 86 90
Length to face of forks I2(mm) 1654 1861
Overall width b1(mm) 1070 1070
Fork dimensions s/e/l(mm) 35x100x920 35x100x920
Fork width mm 200-660 200-970
Load distance,centre of drive axle to fork x(mm) 184 324
Turning radius Wa(mm) 1495 1537
Extended mast height h4mm 4047 4047
(1000*1200 crosswise) Ast(mm) 3010 3186
(800*1200 lengthwise) Ast(mm) 3125 3308
Travel speed,laden km/h 6.4 7.5
Travel speed,unladen km/h 7.2 8.5
Lift speed,laden/unladen mm/s 120/260 160/260
Drop speed,laden/unladen mm/s 300/400 350/428
Max gradient performance,laden % 6 8
Max gradient performance,unladen % 10 12
Service brake  Electric brake
Tyre size,front  Φ0305x145/2 18x7-8/2
Tyre size,rear  Φ0250x120 Φ0300x120
Track width .front mm 910 891
Track width,rear mm 0 0
Wheelbase mm 1250 1240
Service weight incl.battery kg 2075  2100 2736
Drive motor kw 2.2 3
Lift motor kw 3.3 4.5
Battery voltage,nominal capacity k5 V/Ah 24V/320  24V/320 24V/400
Type of drive control AC  AC
Manufacturer of drive control
Operating pressure for attachments Mpa 16

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As China Three-point electric forklift Suppliers and Three-point electric forklift Company , NINGBO CHOLIFT FORKLIFT CO.LTD. offer Custom Three-point electric forklift for sale, smarter and higher cost effective! At the same time, it is a professional manufacturer of large-scale production of storage material handling equipment and related industrial vehicles. Our company is located in Ninghai, which has a forest coverage rate of 62.5% and is known as a natural oxygen bar. With a factory area of 65,000 square meters, more than 300 employees, and fixed assets of more than 200 million yuan, we have strong comprehensive strength. "CHOLIFT Forklift" and "CHOLIFT" are the trademarks of the company's products, and we have passed and implemented the ISO9001 quality system standard. "Credit first" is the quality tenet, all products are strictly tested by ISO-related standards, and CE and GS certifications have been carried out by third-party certification companies.

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A technical team specializing in the design and manufacture of industrial vehicles supports the development of the enterprise, and we have a number of patents of the Self-developed products. We adhere to the concept of human-centred design, and adopt international advanced technical indicators, and pursue the purpose of leading technology throughout the process.

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