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2019 Ningbo CHOLIFT Forklift Truck Company Limited "Passion makes dreams come true, join hands to create brilliant" group building trip

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In order to enhance the understanding between the old and new staff of each department, relieve the work pressure of the staff, and at the same time enhance the construction of corporate culture, it is to enhance the teamwork spirit, strengthen the team cohesion and staff writing ability. 23rd to 24th June, the company decided to organize all staff to carry out a group building activity with the theme of "Passion makes dreams come true and create brilliance together". " as the theme of the group building activities.

On June 23, the weather turned sunny, as if the sky knew that our group building also stopped the rain that had continued for a week, everyone gathered early in the morning at the company could not hide the small excitement in their hearts and had been looking forward to this day. The atmosphere was even higher after the arrival of the group building instructor, and the joyful group building and expansion kicked off with a resounding "good, very good, very good".

    We all got on the bus neatly and soon arrived at our first stop, Sanmen Longtou Mountain, amidst laughter and conversation. Since it was a group building, we were of course divided into 9 teams to complete the tasks arranged by the instructors. Each team had a team leader and a secretary, and of course a team name to match the team's ethos.

    After a brief warm-up, we climbed the mountain and started the first task of the instructor on the observation deck at the top of the mountain, asking each team to complete various photo shoots as required. The task seemed simple, but in fact each team member had to use their own imagination to complete the task and achieve better results. Take a look at these spooky looks.


The team members, who are usually serious about their work, were all smiling at the moment and were all playing together, forgetting all about it and having fun. We had a great time completing our various tasks, and we need to do the same with our work. The first phase of the event was spent in laughter, with everyone getting to know and understand each other a little better. To the sound of a high pitched song, we neatly descended the hill to set off for our next destination to face a new task: human spelling! Unlike the first task, this one was an exercise in unity and tacit understanding for all of us in the squad. At this time, the sunlight also became warmer, but it did not stop us from completing the task. After unremitting efforts, we all spelled out our LOGO, the LOGO of our forklift truck under the hot sun.

Looking at the LOGO, everyone seemed to see their own shadow, in fact, it is the same in the company, no one is an individual, each link, each department and even each part is indispensable, only if we do a good job of ourselves, we can do a good job of each product and serve each customer well. Chu Li people are on the road, never slacken.

    The fresh air, the clear stream and the schools of goldfish in the stream, and the poetic and picturesque ancient theatre made our slightly tired mood relaxed.

    The posing game in the morning was just a session for the players to get to know each other, and the afternoon was the real brutal competitive game session. Each game is a competition for the overall unity and tacit understanding of each team, and is the core content of this group building. Each game reveals the character and focus of each person on each team. It takes tacit understanding, patience and strategy to win each game. And each game gives the players a deeper understanding of the concept of team, and after each game the players improve and take the initiative to make changes. It is rewarding to improve and progress in action. There will be arguments and disagreements, but in the general direction is unity and learning to work in the laughter of the game is the best, right~!

The reader should be able to feel the joy and excitement of that moment from across the screen. It's not so much about winning or losing the game, it's about the harmony and unity that matters more than anything else!

    The weather turned cooler in the evening, but the climax of the event was just beginning, and after a good meal, the much-anticipated party was about to take place. In front of the old theatre the party was a unique event. The evening was spent happily in a variety of frolics and ended with a song called "Friends" by Zhou Hua Jian. It couldn't have been more fitting to switch from the original lively atmosphere to a warm and touching song to close the show. As the scene was too spirited, I was allowed to deal with it only perfunctorily with a group photo.

After a different kind of night in a quiet and harmonious B&B, the next day was the task of climbing the glass walkway between the valleys. After a night's rest, the team was again in high spirits and headed for the trail, which was simply too challenging for the editor with a back injury. On the way, on the mountain, on the glass walkway, there was singing, laughing and, of course, screaming. Come and feel it. 

After a refreshing morning on the stacks, back to the ancient theatre, the closing game of this group building activity is also the most challenging team game, called Gothenburg game, each group has their own requirements for product design, and then four groups to combine together to complete the solitaire, a link error may cause the failure of the task. At first we were all overwhelmed and didn't know where to start, but as we slowly worked our way through the game, we started to get the hang of it. After we started to design, we found that our initial ideas were not right, because we had to combine them with the designs of other groups to complete the whole task. There were disagreements and arguments, but with the same general direction, no game was too difficult for us, not to mention the fact that we already had a design team. We passed the game in one go after a lot of twists and turns. A failed game might be replayable, but a failed product would result in all sorts of losses, in terms of manpower, resources and clients. And at that moment everyone was overwhelmed with relief, even a little smug, to see their design successfully complete the task.

 There's another cliché, right? Happy times always go by especially fast, and the tour was a complete success as the whole company returned safely to the company at 5pm on the 24th. The most important thing about the journey in life is not the destination, but the scenery along the way and the mood when travelling. It is only appropriate to summarise the trip in the words of Chairman Mao: unity, tension, seriousness and liveliness. After this activity, we all got to know each other better, relaxed physically and mentally, and created an atmosphere of unity, activity and progress, which will continue .....  

This photo records everyone's happiness, passion and enthusiasm, (I am lying in bed at the moment editing the article, tired and happy) here, thank you for the company to provide us with this platform, in the future work, these happy experiences will continue to inspire everyone to strive forward, to create excellent results for the company, to a higher level.

Passion makes dreams come true, join hands to create brilliance, cheers for Cholift forklift!